The founder of Universi AS is Tor Arne Håve, the meaning of Universi in latin is “all come togheter” . The idea of having “the way of the gong” pages is to continue the work of spreading the love of gong all around the world.


Tor Arne Håve likes to refer to the four THE FOUR IMMEASURABLES, witch is love, compassion, joy and equanimity. To follow these principles give us a guide in life and our work. And he also hopes it will benefit the people that he meet on my his way.

His work with people i motivated by the possibility to create more joy, love and harmony in thus world. Following his open heart he loves to make people laugh and develop their own creativity. He is a believer in using a sense of humor meeting people without preconceptions and no fear. He advocates that development of truthfulness and compassion is probably two of the most important skills we as humans can develop.


He has an extensive experience and training people in meditative skills and bodywork.


Have a happy gong day!

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